In Reaching of Your New Chapters

Hello, if you are here is because you are a person who seeks to achieve more and better goals both in your career and in your business.

However, you also know that behind a great success there are a lot of excuses, sabotage, doubts, fears inside of you and outside.

Your new chapters in your professional career and business require a “new mentality” accompanied by “new strategies and actions”. I can help you in those new challenges. I know the international world of companies and businesses for more than 25 years.

I have worked as a communicator, researcher, lecturer, advisor, mentor, certified professional coach and entrepreneur.

My service is unique since it includes my past and current expertise connected with coaching and training. Most importantly, I adapt my coaching and training services to your needs in order to create and reinforce your mental strength. Under my professional services you will discover new ways and approach and then turn them into your daily practices.

Don't be afraid to be wrong, we've all been through it and continue to do so. You are responsible for your growth and I am here to boost your talents in order you to take the next step in your career and business. More information...

Professional Qualifications

Twenty year of intense experience as a:

  • Personal Coach

    I advise individuals and organizations.


Using a set of techniques I help individuals and groups achieve excellence in every area of life.

  • Lecturer

    In several countries

International Lecturer

I actively participate in national and international conferences, seminars and workshops.

  • Advisor

    Personal and business


I help international organizations which pursue sustainability in their core business.

  • Specialized

    National and international


I produce articles which show business in Argentina as well as other countries.

Our services in Action

Consulting services

Mining company in Chile

Anglo American

Mining company produces copper, diamonds, platinum, coal, iron, manganese and nickel.

It has mining operations in southern Africa, North America, South America and Australia. It employs 61,527 people in the world.

Its cash flow available in 2018 was USD 3.2 trillion. Its shares are traded on the London and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges.

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Services provided!

To the Chilean subsidiary I made 8 interviews with members belonging to the corporate stakeholders such as managers of multinational companies in the mining sector, advisers and referents from the mining sector and leaders of civil society organizations. Each meeting with the Chilean leaders, lasted one and a half hours and was shelled in 70 questions that included aspects of design as well as management of the company

The objective was to capture and have the visions, opinions and suggestions of the corporate stakeholders to add them to the improvement of the company's management, and then all the opinion were reflected in the sustainability report for the year 2008.

At the end of the work, I prepared a report summarizing the observations made by the corporate stakeholders to which I added my views as a consultant. The delivery of this material was sent to Mr. Edward Bickham, former Vice President of External Affairs of the company, with a copy to the consultant who carried out the research for the preparation of the sustainability balance, and other members of the Chilean subsidiary.

Mercedes Korin

Delta Mode Profile: In 2010, the specialist Mercedes Korin hired my consulting services for the Avina Foundation client.

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Services provided

I interviewed business leaders, members of civil society organizations, leaders from the academic fields of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Paraguay. In particular, the work was based on surveying the visions and explanations of the specialists about what happened in Corporate Social Responsibility from 1999 to 2009 and the role played by Avina Foundation in that timeline. All the contributions of the specialists surveyed were then added to the 70 experts who were interviewed from other countries to prepare the first report on Corporate Social Responsibility in Latin America and the role of the Avina Foundation in promoting sustainability in the Latin American region.

Mentoring/ Coaching Services
Fernando Martín Rebata

Fernando Martín Rebata Vega
+260 962 886 661
+51 982 956 754

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“During my coaching sessions, I was very positively impacted by Jaqui Jimena, specially the way she interpreted my professional needs. "


Laura Ojea
+54 9 261 5020596

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“I started as an entrepreneur together with my family. Then I hired external workers. My company is based on creativity using materials and resources that allow me to create garments and designs of different and distinctive clothing for women. When I met Jaqui Jimena as my mentor in Talentia Red de Mujeres Líderes I already had my clients, but I wanted to continue growing in commercial terms. As a mentor I can say that Jaqui is excellent. My sessions with her allowed me to incorporate the importance of drawing possible and measurable objectives not only in my production, but also to explore other segments of clients and reach them using new marketing channels. I was very struck by the accuracy of her recommendations focused directly on my needs. One of the many returns that enriched me as an entrepreneur is that all the internal work that I do in my development as a person, I must turn it to my brand image as my clients not only acquire my clothes every time they visit me in my atelier, but that increasingly seek to recreate an "experience" of purchase and that includes other services as well as my personal predisposition.”.

"During this 2019 I'm starting to promote my line on TV, and I'm already making steps to achieve it!"

Sergio Flores
+54 9 266 458 0348

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"In 2017 I wanted to open a new set of challenges in my professional services reached at companies and industrial sectors. I contacted Jaqui Jimena because I knew about the excellence of her work. Jaqui impelled me to develop a work plan and projection of my services. She taught me techniques and strategies to feel, visualize and focus on my goals by breaking them down on a daily basis. I am extremely grateful for Jaqui Jimena´s methodology. After her service I decided to give talks and training in certain educational and professional bodies. In this 2019, I am partnering with other professionals to continue growing in professional and especially commercial terms. "

Adrian Sorrentino
+54 9 261 553 5807

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"Professionalism and warmth are main characteristics of Jaqui Jimena´s service. Thanks to her accurate observations I was able to achieve a great presentation in my talk for TEDxPaseoAlameda. I recommend with emphasis Jaqui Jimena´s work as well as her great generosity and human quality ".

Communication Support

Several columns specialized in economic issues and business in Argentina, Canada and the UK.


International awards highlighting narrative excellence, focus and above all the qualified information in journalistic production. The distinctions have been granted by organizations such as the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the University of Columbia in the United States, Citibank, the international collision of NGOs Red Puentes, the Italian Embassy in Argentina, the Credicoop bank, among others international organizations and companies.