Professional qualifications

Twenty years of dedication with intense experience as:
• Coach in Personal Development;
• Professional in Economic Journalism;
• Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE);
• Adviser;
• Researcher;
• Lecturer;
• Interviewer;
• National and International Writer.

Coach in Personal Development

• Fundación Pro Mendoza.
• Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas.

Economic Journalist

• Diario Los Andes.
• Researcher Latin America Avina Fundación.
• InWEnt Capacity Building International,(


• Anglo American
• International Council for Mining and Metals- ICMM.
• International-Global Report Initiative GRI .

First Steps in Searching Personal Fulfillment

Throughout my professional career as a journalist, a lecturer and a sustainability consultant, I realized that the path to excellence and fulfillment should be a personal searching and then it be shared with our family, friends at work and other member of our society as a whole.

It is useless to have manuals and indicators of quality and excellence if a leader of a company and group of individuals are going through crises on various fronts of their life. When motivation is lacking, for any reason, it can hardly attain excellence. That is why some time ago, I decided to work as a personal coach in order to guide human beings and direct them to discover and enjoy their talent.

Usually people do not realize that there are areas in their lives that do not go as they wish, so why do not they take actions? Because they have fears which paralyze them.

We can make our lives an example to follow; we just need only a single force which is knowed as; DECISIONS. First it is important to have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. For example, do you want to form a new company? "," or maybe do you want to triple your income? ", or perhaps "do you want to get more free time to enjoy with your family and friends? ". Other options could be " Do you want to improve your health? ","Do you have a full and satisfying romantic relationship in every way? ", maybe, Do you want to be an expert at work? ". Perhaps you want all these possibilities and more which is great for you.

I have learned not to have procrastination and to take specific action in order to achieve my main objectives in my life. At this moment you are reading my message take decisions that you have been postponed.

In this road of change, I want to share with you powerful tools which help you to reach your goals in the shortest time possible. The point is that you really enjoy achieving your goals and after that you prepare another appealing set of bigger challenges. Do not forget that the most important issues is TO BE HAPPY.

Please take into account, I will love to assist and support you in order to boost your success.